Engineering Future Aerial-aquatic Bionic Birds

Bart Boom presented at EMI 2022 concept designs for Gannet-inspired aerial-aquatic transformer robot. The objective is to engineer small transformers that can plunge into water at an incredibly high velocity (>60 mph).

Feeling The Vibes to Outsmart Fatigue

A new approach for real-time tracking of precursors to damage in aerospace structures by feeling nonlinear vibrations. We can now extract hidden nonlinearities in stiffness, damping and dynamic phase to identify and sense precursors to structural deterioration.

Finding Small Disturbances in Chaos

Identifying infinitesimal disturbances in complex systems and structures. The method is capable of quantifying small disturbances even in systems experiencing chaos. Findings and code are published in Entropy.

Located at Guggenheim Hall

The illimited LAB is now at the historic Guggenheim Hall, home to one of the first Aeronautical Engineering departments in the nation, as one of seven originally established in 1929 with the help of the Guggenheim Fund for the Advancement of Aeronautics.